Applying for a K-1 Visa

The K-1 Visa is a type of visa intended for a fiancée of an American citizen to bring her over to the United States and get married there. However, this intention to get married must be genuine otherwise it may be seen as an attempt to circumvent the existing laws and processes in sponsoring a person from other countries like Thailand.

By far, a lot of articles have been written to provide information with regards to K-1 Visa that may led several applicants to ask questions like the “advantages” of a K-1 Visa compared with other types of United States visas.

Listed below are among the advantages and or distinctions of a K-1 Visa.

  • K-1 Visa allows the Thai fiancée to stay in the United States for ninety (90) days, an ample amount of time for her and her American citizen husband to be to get to know each other more.
  • Comparing K-1 Visa with that of K-3 Visa, applying for and obtaining a K-1 Visa is easier and faster.
  • During the application process, the sponsored individual for a K-1 Visa may add her children to the petition as K-2 derivative. If and when granted with a K-1 Visa, her child will be also be granted with a K-2 derivative visa.
  • However, the child to be included in the petition under the K-2 derivative visa must be unmarried should be below 21 years of age in order to qualify.
  • After getting married in the United States, the Thai fiancée now wife, can apply for a work permit to allow her in engaging in lawful employment by filing Form I-765. She can now also file for an Adjustment of Status to change her status from a nonimmigrant to a lawful permanent resident.

Obtaining a K-1 Visa without any legal or expert assistance. However, this can be very difficult for the Thai fiancée and her American citizen husband considering that many information found on the internet may already be obsolete or irrelevant since the immigration laws and or protocols of the United States changes over time.

On the other hand, Law Firm is a reputable law firm that provides expert, competent and knowledgeable assistance to its clients who are applying for K-1 Visas. The firm also stands out as its expertise on immigration is not limited with the United States only but with that of countries like Thailand.


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